Elan Ibex Tactix Carbon + legaturi Ion 12 – Schi pliabil

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    Inovatie Elan: Schi de tura, PLIABIL


    Greutate totala (g) 2420 g +- 50g (cu legaturi incluse)

    Throughout history there have been many attempts to make a folding ski, a ski that literally folds in half from the middle, but all have failed for a number of reasons. Making a ski that folds over without sacrificing its fundamental characteristics was an impossible task. Until now.

    From its very inception, the Elan folding ski project enlisted the help of Davo Karničar, one of the best ski mountaineers of all time and the first man to descend from the summit of Everest on skis. “I must admit I was very sceptical at first about how these skis could be skied as safely and effectively as normal skis. But my doubts soon vanished. I was thoroughly surprised by the efficiency and safety of these skis.”

    How does it work?

    1. Skis are divided into 2 parts, connected by a plate.
    2. When folding ski, the plate is rotating around its pivot about 180 degrees.
    3. In folded state the plate is fixed on the front part of the ski, the rear part ski is folded around central joint for 180 degrees.
    4. In ski mode, bearing plate assumes all forces in the area of the joint.
    5. The skis can be assembled into a full-performance 163 cm ski in about 20 seconds. Their folded length is 90 cm.



    163cm, 170cm


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